Dental Professionals Recommend 2 Dental Cleanings per year book your cleaning today
Dental Professionals Recommend 2 Dental Cleanings per year book your cleaning today
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Back to School Teeth Whitening Promo in Burnaby and Surrey: 20% Off for Students

September 7

Fall is just around the corner! For students ready to start the school year with a radiant smile, Simply Smile has a terrific teeth whitening promo in Burnaby and Surrey.

As a Burnaby boutique office that specializes in dental cleaning and teeth whitening, we offer all students 20% off cosmetic teeth whitening—that means $50 off our professional in-office 60-minute treatment, which regularly retails for $250. Just show us your student card to take advantage of this promotion year-round!

Hit refresh on your smile. Along with surface staining caused by hyper-pigmented food, tobacco, and heavy consumption of tea and coffee, tooth discolouration naturally occurs as we get older. Even mouth breathing can cause teeth to darken. As oral hygienists, we use a dental-grade whitening gel containing 16-37% hydrogen peroxide— over-the-counter products only contain up to 7%. In about an hour, our patients see dramatic results—teeth are 2-20 shades brighter. Even better, depending on factors like oral hygiene, genetics, and lifestyle habits, results can last up to two years, making teeth whitening a terrific investment in self-care.

We know many teeth whitening options are available on the market today—what’s the point of professional teeth whitening? At Simply Smile, we have access to dental-grade products that offer superior results to their over-the-counter alternatives. Our dental hygienists also care for the health and beauty of your smile, accounting for factors like gum and tooth sensitivity to deliver the safest, most effective service.

At Simply Smile, we personalize every treatment. During the appointment, your hygieinst will reapply the brightening gel several times, taking care to reach the nooks and crannies while ensuring even-looking results for smiles that look more beautiful and natural. Our attention to service has earned a perfect 5.0 rating on Google with over 80 reviews. We’ve become a go-to for brides, models, and industry professionals—as well as anyone who wants to the everyday confidence that comes with a bright, beautiful smile.

After your teeth whitening session, we apply a complimentary fluoride varnish to desensitize the teeth and remineralize your enamel. We recommend avoiding heavily pigmented foods for 48 hours for best results, as your teeth will be susceptible to discolouration. 

Take Advantage of Our Teeth Whitening Promo in Burnaby and Surrey

Get ready to smile brighter this fall with a visit to Simply Smile. You can book an appointment by calling (604) 353-6645 or online at Simply Smile. Take advantage of our student promotion today—we can’t wait to show you how beautiful your smile can look.

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