At Simply Smile, we offer safe, effective dental cleaning & teeth whitening services with highly skilled hygienists

Based in Burnaby, LED Laser Teeth Whitening with Simply Smile is safe and efficacious. As a team of Canadian-certified dental hygienists, our products and equipment are FDA-approved for healthier, more beautiful smiles. Before whitening, we perform a brief check-up to identify and isolate gum/oral issues that may cause sensitivity. We then apply a dental sealant so you can enjoy a more relaxing, comfortable experience. Our patients see results 2-20 times brighter in about an hour. Try LED laser teeth whitening in Burnaby today. We promise the ressults will leave you smiling.


LED Laser Teeth Whitening in Burnaby

For professional results at affordable prices, we’ve combined state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained hygienists for a refined boutique experience. As a clinic specializing in LED Laser Teeth Whitening in Burnaby, we aim to make every visit a five-star experience. Your health and safety are our number one priority. That’s why we provide individualized service that accounts for your medical and dental history. From the moment you walk in, you will receive one-on-one attention from skilled hygienists who offer the best care and practices in the industry.

We Accept Dental Insurance

We are pleased to accept dental insurance for dental cleaning services. We offer 30% off dental cleaning to patients without insurance because we strongly feel that dental hygiene is essential to health and should be accessible to everyone. Experience safe, efficacious hygiene and teeth whitening in Burnaby from certified dental hygienists.


Cleaning & Laser Teeth Whitening
25% Off Teeth Whitening

Book cleaning and LED laser teeth whitening in Burnaby for 25% off teeth cleaning!

No Insurance?
No Problem!
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We are pleased to accept insurance for dental cleaning. Ask for details.

Couples Laser Teeth Whitening
25% Off Teeth Whitening

For a wedding (or just because) we offer 25% off couples’ bookings!

20% Off Dental Cleaning

We are pleased to offer all students 20% off dental cleaning in Burnaby.

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