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Dental Professionals Recommend 2 Dental Cleanings per year book your cleaning today
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Burnaby Dental Cleaning Services for Kids: 5 Tips to Teach Oral Hygiene

August 29

At Simply Smile in Burnaby, one of our focuses is Dental Cleaning Services for Kids.

As a team, we offer a kid-friendly environment where our youngest patients can benefit from comprehensive dental cleaning services and learn the advantages of good oral hygiene.

Teaching kids about oral hygiene is essential—and starting early is a significant advantage. Mastering proper brushing and flossing techniques means kids can avoid the pain and hassles of cavities, gingivitis, and other tooth-related issues. Most kids love to learn about brushing, which can feel very grown-up. As a team of hygienists in Burnaby, we keep our youngest patients on track by providing check-ups, teeth cleaning, and education, including these five handy tips for parents and guardians.

  • Lead by example.

Kids are mimics and look up to you to lead. Set an example by brushing twice a day and flossing once. Make it look enjoyable, and your little ones will be brushing and flossing in no time.

  • Start young.

Kids’ teeth need cleaning as soon as they start erupting. You can clean the teeth and gums at very young ages by rubbing them with a soft washcloth. As kids get older, you can walk them through brushing. Give them a chance to master their toothbrush skills before showing them how to floss, which requires more patience and skill. 

  • Make it fun.

A lot of companies make excellent tooth-related products for kids. Try to think of ways to get kids excited about brushing. It could be a toothbrush with a beloved character, a bubble-gum-flavoured toothpaste, or strawberry mouthwash. 

  • Reward good habits.

There are loads of simple tricks to make oral hygiene a priority for kids. From adding a sticker to a calendar to a bedtime story after a nightly brush, small routines can be tremendously motivating. Try to avoid sweets as a reward tactic.

  • Choose an oral health care provider for kids.

Finding a kid-friendly hygienist can make kids feel more comfortable and receptive. At Simply Smile, we care for our little patients in a non-threatening space. Our approach to kids’ dental cleaning in Burnaby includes a thorough hygiene assessment, cleaning services, and education for children–and their guardians.

Book kids’ teeth cleaning in Burnaby.

Through small steps, we work to help patients learn the habits that will keep their teeth and gums healthy into adulthood—for improved wellness and bigger, brighter smiles. To book kids’ teeth cleaning in Surrey or Burnaby, Metrotown, call 604-353-6645

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