Dental Professionals Recommend 2 Dental Cleanings per year book your cleaning today
Dental Professionals Recommend 2 Dental Cleanings per year book your cleaning today
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Couples Teeth Whitening Promotion – 25% Off

June 15

We know—there’s a recession looming, and you need to save money. However, if you’ve been looking for a reason to try teeth whitening in Burnaby, we’ve got a great one. Simply Smile offers a teeth whitening promotion for couples. Couples booking together at Simply Smile can score 25% off professional, in-office LED Teeth Whitening.

Are you interested in teeth whitening services to erase staining caused by eating, drinking, or tobacco use? At Simply Smile, our hygienists use a dental-grade bleaching agent to remove stains set into the enamel safely. We work to maximize safety and comfort, applying a protective seal to potentially sensitive areas. After brushing on the whitening agent, a state-of-the-art LED light activates whitening ingredients to break down stains effectively and painlessly. 

Simply Smile has a perfect 5.0 rating on Google with 74 reviews. Our teeth whitening is safe and effective, providing all our patients with an instant smile upgrade.

With results that can last up to three years, depending on hygiene and genetics, it’s a terrific long-term investment in confidence and self-care, and it only takes about an hour.

Seeing a bright, shiny smile motivates many people to take better care of their teeth. People become more inclined to brush, floss, and pass on sugary snacks. When your smile is the focal point of your face, other cosmetic flaws feel like they fade into the background. Plus, you and your SO are always Insta ready—for summer weddings, pride events, concerts, reunions, and other special occasions.

Book Couples’ Teeth Whitening at 25% Off

Whiter, brighter teeth are a terrific reason to smile. Enjoy our teeth whitening discount! At 25% off our Couples’ Package, Smile Teeth Whitening in Burnaby (Metrotown area) and Surrey offers stunning boutique whitening services provided by certified dental hygienists who care about the beauty and health of your smile. 

To book Couples Teeth Whitening at 25% off, call 604-353-6645 or book online now.

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