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Dental Professionals Recommend 2 Dental Cleanings per year book your cleaning today
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Five Reasons to Try Simply Smile Laser Teeth Whitening in Burnaby Now

October 22

Have you considered laser teeth whitening in Burnaby? At Simply Smile, we operate two clinics-one in the Burnaby, Metrotown area and one in Surrey. As a team of dental hygienists, we work to improve the health and beauty of your smile. Cosmetic teeth whitening is quick and cost-effective. We use laser and gel whiteners to remove staining and grime and freshen your smile. When it comes to choosing a service for cosmetic teeth whitening in Burnaby or Surrey, we wanted to share five reasons clients choose Simply Smile.

We’re a team of certified dental hygienists

As a team of dental hygienists, we care about your health. Issues like cavities and gingivitis can heighten sensitivity, but many other health issues can also manifest in your mouth. Before dental cleaning or teeth whitening, we’ll scan your mouth, ensuring you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening and flagging issues that may require a dentist or doctor.

Superior Teeth Whitening at a Lower Cost

As hygienists, we have access to CDA-approved dental-grade tools and gels—these tools are not available outside the industry because they can be harmful if misused. We offer the same professional-level results as a dentist—but at a fraction of the price because we charge hygienists’ chair rates.

Painless and Approachable

We’ve worked to create an approachable atmosphere. We offer only teeth cleaning and whitening. There are no drills or frightening tools. Clients can relax with skilled hygienists trained and experienced in whitening teeth effectively and safely. We even include measures like brushing a protective sealant on potentially sensitive gum areas to reduce discomfort, and we finish every treatment with a remineralizing treatment to protect tooth enamel.

Personalized Spin-offs

We offer a customized approach to laser teeth whitening in Burnaby. Staining can result from many factors—too much coffee, smoking, and poor dental hygiene, and this can impact teeth differently. For example, certain teeth may have higher staining levels and require more care and attention to achieve an even-looking smile. This level of customization is almost impossible with over-the-counter products, but our hygienists do it every day. We apply, gauge, and reapply whitening gel strategically to deliver bright, beautiful smiles that look even and natural. Most clients see dramatic improvements—teeth are 2-20 times brighter in about an hour.

Highest Rated for Teeth Whitening in Burnaby and Surrey

At Simply Smile Teeth Whitening in Burnaby, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art tools and ongoing training to deliver the very best teeth-whitening experience to our clients in Burnaby and Surrey. We maintain a perfect 5.0-star rating on Google with over 88 reviews and continue to act as a resource for clients looking to revive dull, discoloured teeth or maintain bright, super, shiny smiles.

Don’t forget to check out the promotions on our home page. We’re pleased to offer student discounts and laser teeth whitening for two at 25% off. Reach out to learn more about teeth whitening in Burnaby and Surrey—or book your appointment today.

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