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Dental Professionals Recommend 2 Dental Cleanings per year book your cleaning today
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How Much Does Teeth Whitening in Surrey Cost?

March 12

Looking for teeth whitening in Surrey? A bright, shiny smile may be priceless, but we get that cost is still a factor. Teeth whitening has become a popular method to address surface staining on teeth. As a team of dental hygienists in Surrey, we offer safe, effective whitening approved by the Canadian Dental Association.

Today, there are a lot of methods available for teeth whitening—both cosmetic and dental. In-office treatments are one of the most popular in Surrey because it’s safe, effective, and pain-free. At Simply Teeth Whitening in Surrey, we get smiles 2-20 shades brighter in about an hour. The results and efficiency enjoyed by our customers have made Simply a go-to clinic for brides, models, actors—anyone who loves a shiny, sparkling smile. 

The cost of teeth whitening in Surrey depends on who’s providing the treatment and the quality. For example, a dentist or cosmetician? What kind of products and tools are being used—are they safe, effective dental grade quality. Depending on these factors, teeth whitening in Surrey can average anywhere between $150 to $1500 with higher-end prices for the dentist’s chair. 

Teeth Whitening in Surrey at Simply Smile

At Simply Smile, we combine the best of both worlds. All our treatments are administered one-on-one by trained dental hygienists. Our products are approved by the CDA for safety and efficacy—and we are a top-rated teeth whitening clinic in Surrey, with a five-star rating from 45 Google Reviews

As trained dental hygienists, our patients enjoy professional dental cleaning and teeth whitening without paying dentist chair rates. Our service starts at around $200 for a 45-minute treatment, and clients can take advantage of touch-ups as well. As trained hygienists, we check to ensure our patients are good candidates for the teeth whitening process. We also apply a protective coating to potentially sensitive tissue to make your experience is more comfortable.

The team at Simply Smile are immensely proud to offer a service that helps people look and feel better. We know that over time our teeth darken due to factors like age, oral health, and lifestyle. At Simply Smile Teeth Whitening in Surrey, we offer a fast, effective in-office treatment using a gentle but powerful gel and state-of-the-art LED light that activates whitening ingredients.

In about an hour, your teeth will be Insta-perfect. Make sure to ask about our specials! For March, we are offering couples 25% off teeth whitening. 

For safe, effective teeth whitening in Surrey—at a price that doesn’t feel like pulling teeth–call 604-353-6645 or book online

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