Dental Professionals Recommend 2 Dental Cleanings per year book your cleaning today
Dental Professionals Recommend 2 Dental Cleanings per year book your cleaning today
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Simply Teeth Whitening in Surrey: Pro Tips to Extend the Results of Your Treatment

January 26

As a boutique that offers teeth whitening in Surrey, our hygienists are often asked for tips to prolong results. The good news is that keeping your smile bright couldn’t be easier. Teeth whitening is a wonderful investment that boosts your attitude and confidence—and you can prolong the sparkle with just a little bit of effort. 

Stop the Staining

Try to avoid heavily pigmented foods/drinks for 24 hours after treatment. Substances like wine and coffee contain a lot of pigments. Over time this build-up gradually stains the teeth. If you can’t miss your coffee or wine, try using a straw. Also, beware of fizzy drinks that can wear down enamel and make teeth more prone to staining. If you are serious about maintaining results, cutting back a little on these daily habits can go a long way.

Try Whitening Products

Whitening products like strips, toothpaste, and mouthwash cannot match the results of Simply teeth whitening in Surrey. Our dental-grade gels contain a much higher concentration of active ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide, typically 25% to 40%, compared with about 3.5% in over-the-counter products. However, whitening washes, gels, and strips can help prolong the results of your treatment. Swish with a whitening mouthwash after a glass of wine and use whitening toothpaste as part of your daily routine.

Maintain Excellent Oral Care

Plaque attracts staining substances, so the best defence against stained teeth is a good oral care routine. Brush twice daily and floss once. Swish with mouthwash or water after meals or a sweet treat.

Drink More Water

Fans of tea, coffee, or wine can reduce staining simply by taking little sips of water between your preferred beverage. Bonus–water is good for you, too!

Regular Dental Cleaning

Apart from daily hygiene, schedule dental cleaning regularly. These appointments are vital to your overall wellness, but this is also an opportunity to polish away stains and eliminate plaque build-up.

Schedule Teeth Whitening in Surrey

Try these simple tips to keep teeth whiter and brighter–longer. It’s mostly small changes, but with a little bit of effort, you can prolong the results of professional teeth whitening and improve your overall oral health, too! To schedule professional teeth whitening in Surrey, call (604) 353-6645 or book online.

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